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The municipality of Anda is located on the east of the island of Bohol. We are in the Visayas region in central Philippines. We therefore enjoy a location of choice for diving since we are in the coral triangle, epicenter of the marine biodiversity of the planet. But Anda also has many other attractions. Away from mass tourism, you take full advantage of an exotic setting and the tranquility of the surroundings. You will find there the most beautiful white sandy beaches in Bohol. The back country also reserves beautiful surprises such as verdant rice fields, waterfalls, natural pools, jungles, firefly shows, the famous "chocolates hills" and tarsiers.


Stretched over a 14km reef, the diving activity has enormous resources. Coral reefs are all the more preserved and incomparably rich as you will find far fewer dive boats than in crowded seaside resorts in the Philippines. About fifteen diving sites suitable for both beginners and experienced divers are available. Along the coral reef ranging from 5m to over 30m deep, you will discover a great diversity of macro life, pelagic fish and for the lucky ones a whale shark. The privileged location of the dive shop on the beach allows access to sites between 5 and 30min by boat.


Hubert, scuba diving instructor and manager.

Former cabinetmaker, Hubert discovers diving in the West Indies. A few years later, he achieved his dream and became a professional scuba diving instructor. He was so fond that he quickly acquired a strong instructor experience in Thailand, the Middle East and the Maldives. But it was in Anda, in the Philippines, that he has chosen to stay. Attentive, pedagogue and listening, Hubert knows how to make you feel comfortable during his PADI trainings which always take place in a small group and convivial  atmosphere.


​Delphine,Dive Master-Underwater photographer.

Before becoming a dive guide, Delphine was an interior designer.  She first practised diving in the Caribbean sea as a hobby before becoming really crazy about underwater marine life. Since she has always loved travelling, she started working as a dive guide in the Philippines on liveaboard on the most beautiful reef called Tubbataha. Then, she was fascinated by Anda which offers exceptional diving sites. She has become an expert of macro life, she likes  finding out amazing critters. She enjoys sharing magic moments with you and memorizing them during the dive by taking great and unforgettable pictures of your diving experience! She will always be  happy to guide you with a smile!

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e-mail: andascubadiving@gmail.com

phone: +63 (0) 919 845 9831

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